November 7th

Windows 8 update. Spoke to one of my local FVRL librarians. She has an upcoming “book a librarian” appointment to help someone with Windows 8. And apparently the library assistant suggests the Windows 8 for Seniors that I have on loan.

While I am away, I am using the laptop with Windows 7. I really don’t miss that apps screen in Windows 8. Need to research to see if I can get rid of that somehow.

Started the Picasa for Seniors book yesterday.  Google has its hands in this program. So far it what I have read makes sense. Need to read more than try it out. What I learned so far is that the program uses facial recognition technology. If you tag someone, the program will find other photos of the same person and attach the same tag.

Today I had a look at all of my downloads from the UFV library and categorized them. There is an awful lot to read.  PDFs and Windows 7 work a lot better than Windows 8 and PDF. I feel far more efficient using Windows 7 than Windows 8.

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