November 8th

Date: November 8th 


Predictive Analysis / Data Analysis

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2013 Resource Guide, July/August 13,

This article lists library products and services, arranged by category, vendor, and address as well as provides consultant information. This guide is primarily directed to the North American market.  This is a reference. I recognize many of the names.

I am reading more of the automation-themed articles and will be doing this over the next few days.


This is the only article since I last check Twitter that seemed relevant to my list.

This article looks at how an academic library, by changing its business model and how it looks at its mission, can change to be more relevant to its members. The basis of this was finding out “so why do people use libraries?

Libraries can adapt parts of a variety of business models that add value to their patrons. One of the ideas I found interesting is finding out what the students use the library for. What is it they want out of their library experience? Library staff can add value, but in the future it will look a lot different than in a traditional library model. In the library of the future this is not likely to be in shelving books or checking books in and out. It will be about building relationships, finding out their users’ needs and doing something about it – which will not be replaced by technology, but work with it.

Each library has its share of underserved patrons as well as patrons with unfilled needs. Instead of focusing on collections, libraries can offer more value by looking at what their users need – not just that they took out a book, but what did they want to use the book for. If not books, how are the students using the library or the commons?

This article reflects a lot of what Christina Neigel has told us what the direction libraries are going, due to changes in technology.

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New Findings

Nothing new today


Twitter may not be the best source for the topics I am focusing on. It is now time to read the journal articles that I downloaded. Automation is the starting point.



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