November 11th

I have a cousin whose husband is an IT god and is very understandable. I asked him about Windows 8 and the Cloud. He told me the history of Windows 8 РMicrosoft combined the operating system for pcs, tablets and mobile devices so that they only needed to develop one o/s, not three. Nice idea, poor implementation. He also made me feel better about The Cloud. He has his own forensic computer business and has banks and other security conscious clients, so I think he is an authoritative source.

I read more about Picasa today. I look forward to trying out some of the photo editing features. If the instructions are as easy as they look, this may be a great alternative to learning and purchasing Photoshop or figuring out The Gimp. The application seems user friendly. The “I feel lucky” button gives an informal, non-technical feeling.

I downloaded some articles from FAITS that seem to be what I need. Some of the journal articles so far have been disappointing.

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