November 17th

I am very fed up with Microsoft’s Reader app. It is very awkward to open PDF documents as the desktop disappears. The app did not seem to close. I did not want to leave the place where the documents were stored. Today I uninstalled Reader and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader. It is so much easier to print documents. When I close the program I know it is closed. This will make reading the articles on data analysis and library automation easier to deal with.

I have been reading Windows 8 in easy steps: special edition by Michael Price & Stuart Yarnold. I have found it very helpful in understanding Windows 8, what is missing, where I can find some of the missing things and other helpful information.  It uses a lot of visuals and is very easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know more about Windows 8 before committing to it. For anyone experiencing Windows 8 pain, this book may offer some relief.

I downloaded the Classic Shell app so I have a start button and other things that were available in previous operating systems. Although I had never been to the site for the download, IE showed this as I typed the URL into the search bar.  I am on page 116 of the book, another 354 to go.

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