November 18th


Today is scheduling software day. Windows 8 has its own app, but I want to try third party products mentioned in my supervision class (LIBT 205).

Schedule Pro

The website bills this as “a comprehensive, intuitive, efficient, and useful online employee scheduling software”. There is an area to sign in (actually two), but nothing for setting up a new account. This is not a free product. They provide email and telephone support. The trainer can visit the organization or use the “train the trainer approach”

The features page. The product looks quite useful. This is made by a Vancouver company. There is a demo available as well as a blog. Too many features to list here, the web page does an excellent job. Of displaying it.

Their client list is impressive. This isn’t something to download and play around with. EDP software does training. The client testimonials are also good.

The level of customisation will dictate how long the training and implementation will take. EDP Software has some customer stories under Resources,

This is Cloud based technology. It may be overkill for a single smaller library. There is a provision for Union Management.

  DRoster Review.  Product web site.

The product site provides a 15 minute tutorial for the Quick Setup Wizard. The product looks pretty straightforward so far, although the employees are all scheduled to work the same shift for two weeks straight. Somewhere there is a pattern feature to account for weekends and alternative shifts.

This is freeware employee scheduling software. The rating given is about 4.75/5. There is a 45 free trial available of the Premium Edition as well as a free trial for the regular version.

Upon reading the reviews, the freeware version does not supply great functionality. The $200 version may. It looks like this is the Premium Edition. The last reviews on this site are from 2011.

I had a look at the technical specs,;sideBar. There is no provision for Windows 8.

There is a page for scheduling best practices, On this page is a PDF document comparing the two versions. This document shows the price tag for the premium edition at $249.00 for one user. Other prices are on this page,

There is a support manual available. The copyright date is 2012, so the software looks fairly current. There is an on line support request form, but no telephone number. The EULA is only one page. There are also screen shots to show what the software looks like on-screen.

The software has won some awards, as shown on There is little information about where the company is. By doing a Google search of the telephone number, 972-54-7757037 I found that company is in Israel.

What I don’t see is where the data is stored. As this software is designed for small companies, I would think that data would be stored wherever the company stores its other data. This seems like a good product for a small business.


This product is produced by Madrigal soft tools. This software appears to be a blend of employee scheduling plus project management.

Pricing is available on the home page. Base license (includes 5 users) $590,
Additional users $49 each.

This above-noted page is very informative – other than breaking down the functionality of the product by category, it includes pricing, a downloaded trial version and product manual and technical specifications. Computers running Windows 8 can use this software.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section on the web site, tutorials, how customers use the tool, and more. There is a standard and corporate edition. Tech support is free for the first year, then is 20% of the of the original license fee (

Madrigal Soft Tools is located in Victoria.

These software applications are not all for the same type/size of an organization. Each has its charms. If my library did not have good scheduling software, I would look at these to see if they were more cost efficient and effective. I like the idea of the project management features in Delegator. The actual choice of what would be the best of the three really depends on the needs of the organization.

Update on the Windows 8 books

Finished the good one – a lot of the stuff at the end just went over my head. I will leave registry items to my husband. The other book from the library is not nearly as good. No need to make any comments on it, it’s going back to the library.

I think I need to pin things to the task bar, to avoid the need to go to the Apps screen (or whatever anyone wants to call it). I still need to master splitting the screen.


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