November 21st

My focus recently has been on the big assignment. Last night I had a look at both the BCLA and CLA web sites to see if there are any interest groups in next generation software (resource sharing in particular) / automation. I was appalled. So much of the future of libraries is dependent on technology. I have had to rely on ALA Techsource, library journals and vendor web sites. Don’t we have any library technology leaders in Canada?

Most of the vendors are American and the journal articles tend to be American as well. No one seems to write about the small library or use them in case studies.

Windows 8 update. I really enjoy having my Start button back. The download previously mentioned has really helped my productivity and reduced my stress level. If Microsoft really wants to have one operating system for four different types of tools (desktop, laptop, tablet and phone), couldn’t they build in some kind of detector for the type of machine and only display options that are suitable for that one?

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