November 25th

I set up my Delicious account this morning. It was easy enough. I declined to add my Twitter and FaceBook contacts. This is a test and I would like to keep things simple.

I could not drag the Delicious bookmarklet to my Favourites bar. This was in IE. I could in FireFox. So far the behaviour I was expecting has not happened. I could connect with existing content. I went to the Library Journal home page, thinking I could just click on the Delicious button and it would be added to my Delicious content. However, there is no blue Delicious button on the home page. There are other options, such as Reddit.

I tried again this evening. I did not get the same error message, which I did not understand. I tried right clicking with the mouse. Lo and behold there is an option to add to Favourites, so I selected the “Add to Favorites bar” and there it is – Add to Delicious.  Now to test drive some web pages and see what happens.

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