November 25th – supplemental

Yes, I had a good Delicious experience. I had to be signed in to the program. Then, on any web page I want to save I just click on the “Add to Delicious” icon on my favorites bar. Of course I am using multiple tabs.

I did some searching for library automation and saved a whack of web pages. They are in “My Links”. So far this seems way more efficient than trying to save a web page to my pc. I also tried tagging them.

One thing that I noticed about Delicious is that the carriage return (enter key) key does not work. You need to click on things like Sign Out.

Tomorrow – have a look at My Links, see how the tagging works, read some of the web pages and learn all about library automation. I would like to set up my account if I was working at a reference desk – how would I find the links I wanted? I think I will add some links suitable for a reference desk, learned in LIBT 140 and 145.

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