November 28th

Plowed through the articles about data analysis. There are many types of data analysis to consider, the reasons for it and the types of libraries that use it. That is way too much to try to fit in before the end of the term.

I will focus on data analysis with respect to data driven decisions and serving patrons’ needs better. I need to re-read some of the articles and look up some of the programs used. This is a very complex subject. One needs to consider a library’s integrated library software, web site and any social media applications the library might use. Not all types of libraries use the same types of software. An academic library for a university with three campuses will use a different approach than a public library serving only a few communities or just one.

Google Analytics showed up many times, so that is another thing to research. Another thing that has piqued my interest is GIS. I am not sure how this works with libraries, but will eventually find out.

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