November 14th, 2013

Today is all about Windows 8. I would be in deep trouble if I had to explain how it worked and how to change things to others.

I was told that by downloading Windows 8.1 I could get the look/fell of Windows 7 back. I went to the Microsoft website. Because I had not downloaded all of the Windows Updates, the app was not available on the app page. So I spent hours updating and then downloading Windows 8.1. I couldn’t remember my Windows password, so signed on without it. The familiar Start button did not show up. I went to log in to BB Learn and noted that the version of IE was 7. Why? It is really 11.

Managed to reset my Microsoft password. I logged into Windows Live, but nothing happened, no new things to try so I logged out. I had turned off the “automatically update version” but it turned itself back on. I turned it off again. BB Learn did not like IE 10. It does not recognize IE 11 or Windows 8.1 as an operating system.

Now to find a way to get the Start button back. I did a Google search with a string something like “how to get Windows 8 to look like Windows 7”. The first entry in the result set required spending money on software, so I went to the second item in the result set.

This site looked authoritative, so I clicked on the download for the “Skip Metro Suite”, I only signed up for the Start button. I don’t know what a skinable button is, so I just went with the “replace the system start button” option. The response time on the pc is rather slow – I have had to wait for the circle to disappear so I could see my typing. I am not sure that I actually downloaded it, so am doing it again. Now I see the request to close other applications.

Install done, restarted the pc. Still have the apps screen. Clicked on the desktop – no start button. But if I click on the square of four squares that turns purple on hover, what I see looks different – I think. I think I will uninstall what I did today and try again when my husband is here to help.

Tried to paste the screen, but it doesn’t work. The system response time seems to be considerably slower when working in Word. What a waste of time. When I uninstalled the app, there was an option to change Windows features. I turned on Legacy options. Let’s see what happens.

The Seattle screen that I usually saw after start up was replaced with a wild stripy thing when I installed the Start Button software. This did not disappear when I uninstalled the software. When I clicked on the tile for Word, the desktop opened and then the app opened. I don’t recall that the software behaved this way before.

Yesterday I picked up two more Windows 8 books. That was the extent of Tech Plan assignment yesterday. Using a laptop on the airplane did not turn out as expected. Not enough room to comfortably do anything. A tablet is looking better every day. However, I do need to know how to use a desktop as well as a laptop if I am going to work the info desk at a public library, so I will soldier on.




November 11th

I have a cousin whose husband is an IT god and is very understandable. I asked him about Windows 8 and the Cloud. He told me the history of Windows 8 – Microsoft combined the operating system for pcs, tablets and mobile devices so that they only needed to develop one o/s, not three. Nice idea, poor implementation. He also made me feel better about The Cloud. He has his own forensic computer business and has banks and other security conscious clients, so I think he is an authoritative source.

I read more about Picasa today. I look forward to trying out some of the photo editing features. If the instructions are as easy as they look, this may be a great alternative to learning and purchasing Photoshop or figuring out The Gimp. The application seems user friendly. The “I feel lucky” button gives an informal, non-technical feeling.

I downloaded some articles from FAITS that seem to be what I need. Some of the journal articles so far have been disappointing.

November 8th

Date: November 8th 


Predictive Analysis / Data Analysis

Windows 8

Nothing new today.


2013 Resource Guide, July/August 13,

This article lists library products and services, arranged by category, vendor, and address as well as provides consultant information. This guide is primarily directed to the North American market.  This is a reference. I recognize many of the names.

I am reading more of the automation-themed articles and will be doing this over the next few days.


This is the only article since I last check Twitter that seemed relevant to my list.

This article looks at how an academic library, by changing its business model and how it looks at its mission, can change to be more relevant to its members. The basis of this was finding out “so why do people use libraries?

Libraries can adapt parts of a variety of business models that add value to their patrons. One of the ideas I found interesting is finding out what the students use the library for. What is it they want out of their library experience? Library staff can add value, but in the future it will look a lot different than in a traditional library model. In the library of the future this is not likely to be in shelving books or checking books in and out. It will be about building relationships, finding out their users’ needs and doing something about it – which will not be replaced by technology, but work with it.

Each library has its share of underserved patrons as well as patrons with unfilled needs. Instead of focusing on collections, libraries can offer more value by looking at what their users need – not just that they took out a book, but what did they want to use the book for. If not books, how are the students using the library or the commons?

This article reflects a lot of what Christina Neigel has told us what the direction libraries are going, due to changes in technology.

App(s) of the Day

Nothing new today

New Findings

Nothing new today


Twitter may not be the best source for the topics I am focusing on. It is now time to read the journal articles that I downloaded. Automation is the starting point.



November 7th

Windows 8 update. Spoke to one of my local FVRL librarians. She has an upcoming “book a librarian” appointment to help someone with Windows 8. And apparently the library assistant suggests the Windows 8 for Seniors that I have on loan.

While I am away, I am using the laptop with Windows 7. I really don’t miss that apps screen in Windows 8. Need to research to see if I can get rid of that somehow.

Started the Picasa for Seniors book yesterday.  Google has its hands in this program. So far it what I have read makes sense. Need to read more than try it out. What I learned so far is that the program uses facial recognition technology. If you tag someone, the program will find other photos of the same person and attach the same tag.

Today I had a look at all of my downloads from the UFV library and categorized them. There is an awful lot to read.  PDFs and Windows 7 work a lot better than Windows 8 and PDF. I feel far more efficient using Windows 7 than Windows 8.

November 4th

Well, this is a work in progress.  Today’s entry is copy and waste from Word. Let’s see how this posts.


Predictive Analysis / Data Analysis

Downloaded articles from the UFV database. Did this when downloading articles for the major assignment. Also included anything that looked interesting, including automated library technology (self-check in and out, RFID technology). . Search terms included predictive analysis AND libraries; data analysis AND libraries; ILLiad AND libraries; Ariel AND libraries; Clio AND libraries. The challenge will be to sift through the results over the new few days, categorize and summarize useful articles. In anticipation of the topics to be covered in the next few weeks, I also downloaded articles that may be relevant to e-books, Cloud computing and data security.

Windows 8

No diary entry for yesterday, but this operating system sure is annoying. I do not like the separate step of having the apps page coming right after log in. I am used to working from a desktop. IE has a different interface from the desktop than from the apps screen. That is annoying – I appreciate consistency.

I am not sure why Microsoft feels the need to differentiate apps from programs. I downloaded The Gimp and it shows up with the apps. This does not make logical sense to me.

What I did do was to uninstall some apps that I don’t think I will ever use. I rearranged some tiles and made them smaller, reducing the need to scroll. PDF documents remain a challenge. Adobe Reader is awkward to use. Once I close a document, the program stays open. ALT F4 is my friend, but it does not always work as planned.


I have a few weeks of Twitter to catch up on. Not all of these postings relate to this assignment, but they relate to course content in some way.

Perhaps applicable to Week 5 content?

About statistics.

Under the interesting category.

Google search secrets.

More Google secrets.

Because statistics are good. BC leads in Internet usage (in Canada).

This workshop sounds like something public libraries should consider attending.

Issues with database pricing from the middleman.

USB security issues.

The need to learn to type/keyboard. I had not thought of this, but more than one way to input data is a good thing.

Big data is bunk. Or is the government?

Relevant to this week’s lecture.

More for week 5.

I think perhaps I just should subscribe to infodocket.

Kobo and censorship of self-published e-books. Had not considered censorship and freedom to read  as items that should be on the list.

Will this increase interest in e-books?

Overreliance on technology. It’s a problem in more ways than one. While not directly related to libraries, it is important to have a backup plan in case of power outage/disaster/unfortunate occurrence.

This is just wrong. I can honestly say I tried to read the real version of the book, but couldn’t make it through.

App(s) of the Day

The Gimp. I used this back in my Langara days. It showed up on the list of things to try in one of the articles for week (?). As Facebook does not allow posting of PDFs, I need to convert the Friends of the Library book sale poster to an image format in order to do this. I thought I would give The Gimp another try. It was a bit quirky back then and did not run reliably on the old pc. The download worked, now to figure out how to use the application, hopefully before tomorrow night.

New Findings

Discovered Journal of Interlibrary Loan. Hopefully this will be useful for the major assignment. I had a look at the issues for the past three to four years to see if I could find anything relevant to the major assignment or that looked interesting.

Also discovered Information Today. 


The new desktop downloads articles a lot quicker than the old machine. I even tried downloading multiple items at the same time. Wow!

WordPress is not necessarily as easy to use as I might have thought. I need to do some web research to find out exactly how to do some things, like add RSS feeds. As I have issues with written instructions, may have to turn to another source, such as YouTube, for a visual.

I did not find that much on Twitter specifically related to my list. Infodocket seems to have some very interesting blog posts. Something to try to incorporate into the web site.